440+6 MOPAR Big Block madness


Hey everyone!

I am an Iraq War veteran (OIF1, or as my orders stated OEF as the OIF designation was created after the invasion of which I was a small part), with all of my Active Duty time spent in the 82nd Airborne Division.

Infantry in the 1980’s (11H for you old-timers), Parachute Rigger (92R) with Aerial Delivery in the early 2000’s. Over the 8 years I spent on Active Duty covering the timeframe of 1986-2005, I gobsmacked my melon more than a few times (multiple TBIs), destroyed both knees, my spine, and both shoulders.

Complications from all of this forced me to finally sell my business in 2009. In order not to go completely insane, I have taken up several of my lifelong passions to replace skills and abilities I no longer have. This website is about those passions.

You will find pages in the navigation bar that contain activities in Photography, Astronomy and Astrophotography, my muscle car shenanigans, and beach watersports (boogieboarding in particular).

Yep, I do stupid things that I know I can’t or shouldn’t do because I stillĀ THINK I can… but I refuse to sit about and just waste away.

So follow along, enjoy, and hopefully have a few chuckles at my expense.


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